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Head Family Photos and Some Adorable Packers Fans

This family was delightful and I'm so glad we got to spend an evening together.

There aren't tons of fall colors left on the trees around our part of Wyoming this time of year so I love how the reddish bushes filled in to warm things up!

It doesn't hurt when you have a beautiful family to photograph, and those kiddos were perfectly happy to oblige for the camera, which made my job easy!

This cutie wasn't interested in smiling at me but mom and dad got him to crack a smile.. and then he shot me a stare because I dared to swoop in with the camera! Ha! I love it. That smolder is going to get this boy in trouble ;)

And I love it when families are up for a little bit of fun. These guys are big Packers fans so of course we had to get a shot with their jerseys!

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