Why video?

Because if a picture says a thousand words, a video tells a whole story!


In just weeks, you forget what those newborn coos sounded like. You forget how they awkwardly stretch those little arms and how they crossed their feet in that peculiar way, not quite sure of their movements. I can capture big sister's first glimpse of baby brother, and the little moments that will be gone all too soon!

Your wedding day goes by in a blur, and a wedding video helps you go back in time every anniversary to the day you first became a family. 

Interviews with your loved ones become a precious part of your family history when the little ones grow up -- you can show them that video of grandma and grandpa at your family reunion and they'll get to know them that much better.

And it's about the little moments too: first steps, birthday parties, learning to read, getting ready to graduate high school...

Let's tell your family's story!

Commercial Work
Promotional videos, social media marketing, training videos, etc.